Our book “Service Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint” published by PACKT Publishing

1049EN_MockupCover_0I’m both delighted and relieved that the english translation of our Integration Architecture Blueprint book got published this month by PACKT publishing. The book has been originally written in german and was published almost 2 years ago by Hanser.

Since then we got some good feedback and we decided to take the effort and translate it into English. It’s not just a one-to-one translation, we also did some minor changes of the outdated parts, especially in the vendor product mapping section.

As the name implies the book is about Integration Architecture and about successfully implementing integration solutions by using the Trivadis Integration Architecture Blueprint.

The book begins by covering fundamental integration for those less familiar with the concepts and terminology, and then dives deep into explaining the different architecture variants and the future of integration technologies. Base technologies like JCA and SCA will be explored along the way, and the structure of the Trivadis Integration Architecture Blueprint will be described in detail, as will the intricacies of each component and layer. Other content includes discovering and comparing traditional and modern SOA driven integration solutions, implementing transaction strategies and process modeling, and getting to grips with EDA developments in SOA. Finally, the book considers how to map software from vendors like Oracle and IBM to the blueprint in order to compare the solutions, and ultimately integrate your own projects successfully.

A concise theoretical guide to SOA Integration based on real world-examples. Visualize the Trivadis Integration Architecture Blueprint, discover the future of integration, and much more.

From the book you will

  • Gain real transparency in the confused theoretical world of concepts relating to integration architecture
  • Get to grips with existing application landscapes for integration
  • Master the intricacies of architecture variants like point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, pipeline, and SOA
  • Discover future integration technologies like XTP and Grid Computing
  • Uncover how to implement transaction strategies and process modeling
  • Fully grasp the Communication, Collection/Distribution, Mediation, and Process layers of the Trivadis Blueprint
  • Comprehensively compare traditional and modern SOA-driven integration solutions
  • Implement application systems correctly without losing sight of a high-performance, scalable, and affordable enterprise architecture
  • Map platforms from vendors like Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft to the Blueprint
  • Gain the skills and confidence to successfully integrate your own projects with highly applicable integration knowledge  Translating a book is not as hard as writing a new one, especially if the translation is outsourced. Although it took me more time than expected until the book was finished.

Thanks to the team at Packt Publishing for the great support! You guys played a key role in keeping me on schedule!

We hope you enjoy the book and we are looking forward to any feedback you might have!