This week in Stream Processing & Streaming Analytics 2/13/2016

Update 14.2: Have added Google Dataflow / Apache Beam

Inspired by “This Week in Cassandra”, I will start collecting and documenting once a week the latest news in the world of “Stream Processing & Streaming Analytics” platforms and framework. I will look at new projects/subprojects, blog posts and new and upcoming features around Open Source, Oracle, IBM and others.

So far it’s not planned to do that in a live discussion, as the folks at DataStax do. But maybe that could be something for the future.

Before starting with the news of the last week, here are some classical / evergreens around the topic of Stream Processing / Streaming Analytics:

News and Blog Posts



Apache Storm

Apache Spark Streaming

Apache Samza

Apache Flink

Google Dataflow / Apache Beam

Apache NiFi

Apache Kafka / Confluent Platform

Oracle Stream Xplorer / Oracle Event Processing


New Presentations

New Releases / Components

Upcoming Events

Please let me know if that is of interest. Please tweet your projects, blog posts, and meetups to @gschmutz to get them listed in next week’s edition!