Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 3/28/2016

This is the 7th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

Due to the Easter Weekend there were not so many posts last week, guess that will change this week with Strata Hadoop San Jose conference just starting today.

Personally I have started giving Streamsets a try, after having played a little bit with Apache NiFi before. Both offer a nice solution for the handling of data flows, and I’m not yet in a position to judge which one does it better. But there some obvious differences and I guess it’s not wrong to say that the combination of both would offer a really good solution.

As usual, just find what I have noticed last week:

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Apache Storm

Apache Spark Streaming

Apache Flink

Apache Kafka

Goggle Cloud Dataflow / Apache Beam

Apache NiFi / Hortonworks DataFlow


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