Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 4/18/2016

This is the 10th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

Two days later than planned, was traveling and had again trouble with my power supply 😦

So what happened in the world of Stream Processing? For me the most interesting news last week was the release of Storm 1.0.

I’m a  storm user for more than 3 years now and this is really a significant release that delivers several features that pertain to enterprise readiness, operational simplicity and ease of use. I really like that Storm now has native Windowing and State Management Support, Automatic Back Pressure Support and the new connectors for Cassandra, Elasticsearch and Kafka.

Nathan Marz, the founder and creator of Storm also tweeted about it:

And Ian Hellström already updated his stream processing overview chart with Storm 1.0.0.


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