Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 5/24/2016

This is the 15th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

I’m once more a day late with this article, if it wouldn’t be because work, I could just argue that I have waited for the next version of Kafka being released 🙂 This was the case last night, with Kafka 0.10 and the Confluent Platform 3.0. Here two of the many tweets announcing the release:

Here are my 3 favorite new features in this new release:

  • Kafka Streams: a library that turns Apache Kafka into a full featured, modern stream processing system. It includes a high level language for describing common stream operations (such as joining, filtering, and aggregating records), allowing developers to quickly develop powerful streaming applications. Kafka Streams offers a true event-at-a-time processing model, handles out-of-order data, allows stateful and stateless processing and can easily be deployed on many different systems.
  • Timestamps in Messages: every message in Kafka now has a timestamp field that indicates the time at which the message was produced. This enables stream processing by event-time in Kafka Streams.
  • Rack Awareness: isolates replicas so they are guaranteed to span multiple racks or availability zones. It allows all of Kafka’s durability guarantees to be applied to these larger architectural units, significantly increasing resilience and availability.

On a side note: Camus, a tool in the Kafka ecosystem used for ingesting Kafka messages into HDFS is no deprecated. To export data from Kafka to HDFS and Hive, Kafka Connect is the new recommended way.

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