Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 6/6/2016

This is the 17th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

I really liked Darryl Taft’s article on 10 Best Practices for Managing Modern Data in Motion, where she lists 10 tips for managing data in motion. I think all of them are important, here are my 5 favorite ones:

  1. Replace Specifying schema with capturing intent: An intent-driven focus on big data helps decrease the effort and time needed to develop and implement pipelines.
  2. Sanitize before Storing: Sanitizing data as close to the source as possible makes data scientist more productive.
  3. Expect and deal with Data Drift: Implementing the rights kinds of tools and processes can help mitigate the effects on data drift.
  4. Don’t just count packages, inspect the contents: Analyzing the value of your data can be more important than just measuring throughput and latency.
  5. Decouple for Continual Modernization: Decoupling the stages of data movement allows you to upgrade each as you see fit.

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