I’m speaking at BPM Integration Days 2014

Vom 24. – 25. Februar 2014 finden in München die BPM Integration Days 2014 statt.

Die BPM & Integration Days konzentrieren sich diesmal auf die praktischen Synergien von BPM mit Systemintegration, Mobile, BI und Cloud, gepaart mit Erkenntnissen aus vielen Jahren Projekterfahrung aller Referenten.

Am ersten Tag haben wir ein erstklassiges Programm mit insgesamt 18 Sessions, einer Keynote und einem Panel zusammengestellt:



Am zweiten Tag werden die wichtigsten Schwerpunktthemen in vier Halbtagesworkshops und in einem ganztägigen Workshop intensiv vertieft:



Ich bin stolz auch bei der diesjährigen Durchführung als Sprecher dabei zu sein. Am ersten Tag werde ich die folgenden zwei Präsentationen halten:

Mehr zu den BPM Integration Days 2014 finden Sie hier.

Ein Anlass den Sie auf keinen Fall verpassen sollten!

I’m speaking at DOAG IMC Summit, 6th June 2013 in Mainz, Germany

In June I will be speaking for the German Oracle User Group (DOAG) at the Infrastructure and Middleware Community Summit in Mainz. This is all about Oracle Infrastructure and Middleware topics and has great speaker lineup for the german-speaking Oracle community.  The summit consists of the three tracks “Infrastructure”, “Middleware” and “on top of Middleware”.

My speech will be in the “on top of Middleware” track and it will be about “Where and when to use the Oracle Service Bus (OSB)”. Here is the abstract to my talk in german:

Der Oracle Service Bus (OSB) ist Bestandteil der SOA Suite 11g und steht im Zentrum moderner Prozess-. und Integrationslösungen. Die leichtgewichtige, zustandslose und hoch-performante Architketur des OSB macht ihn zu einem hervorragenden Werkzeug für die Transformation und das Weiterleiten (routing) von Nachrichten. Diese Präsentation erklärt wo und wann der Einsatz des Oracle Service Bus Sinn macht, zeigt dabei aber auch auf, wo die Limitationen des OSB sind. Wo sinnvoll wird auf die weiteren Komponenten der Oracle SOA Suite bzw. der Oracle Fusion Middleware hingewiesen. Anhand von bekannten Design Patterns wird gezeigt, wie diese mit dem Oracle Service Bus effizient umgesetzt werden können. Themen des Vortrages sind: Load-Balancing, Service-Throttling, Transaktionen, Adapter und Transformation über XQuery. 

Looking forward to meeting you there! 

Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2013

In Februray 2013 the Oracle Fusion Middleware Community Forum 2013 will take place in Faro, Portugal!

The OFM Partner Community Forum is a wonderful opportunity to:

  • learn how to sell the value of Fusion Middleware by combining SOA & BPM & WebLogic & ADF solutions
  • meet with the Oracle SOA & BPM & WebLogic & ADF product management
  • exchange knowledge and have access to competitive intelligence
  • learn from successful SOA & BPM & WebLogic & ADF implementations
  • network within the SOA Partner Community and the WebLogic Partner Community

During this highly informative event you can learn about partner success stories, participate in an array of break-out sessions and last but not least exchange information/ideas with partners and the Oracle product management.

Two years ago, the OFM Partner Community Forum 2011 was the place, where I started the initial discussions for the Oracle Service Bus Cookbook and found my fellow co-authors. Register for the event and enhance your network!

In addition to the Community Forum, you can participate in technical hands on workshops on February 21st and 22nd. 

Hope to see you all in Faro, Portugal.

My presentations at Oracle Open World 2012

Oracle Open world 2012 is already past and I’m back in Europe. Here is just a quick wrap up of my involvements at OOW 2012. 

Oracle Fusion Middleware Live Application Development (UGF10464)

For the fourth time, the Live FMW Application Development show has been held. This time at Oracle Open World 2012,  during the ADF EMG community event on Sunday organised by Chris Muir. I joined the team for the first time, as due to my injury in last december, I was not able to be part at UKOUG 2011. For three hours, we demonstrated the audience (around 100 participants) how an application can be created across the tiers – UI (ADF), Process (BPM), Service Integration (SOA Suite) and the Database. Because we had only one beamer available, we first presented for each tier how the development works and then in the second phase, we presented how some changes/addons can be applied to the 1st iteration. I was part of the Service Integration team, together with Ronald.

The slides of the show are available on slideshare. Only a few, the real value was of course in the live demo!

A photo of me and Ronald during Lucas introduction: 

IMG 2648

It was fun to be part of the team, hope we can repeat it soon somewhere else! Thanks to Lucas, Chris and Duncan for organising the show!

There were also some discussion about further using the material, such as some videos on youtube, writing an article series….

Effective Fault handling in SOA Suite 11g (CON4832)

In this co-presentation with Ronald van Luttikhuizen we presented how the built-in functionality of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus can help to implement fault handling and fault prevention. We used an example scenario, which is complex enough to show some real live problems in a service-oriented solution with a mix of services, technologies and platforms. 

Use case with possible fault szenarios

The session was pretty well attended, and with an extended Q&A sessions at the end. We got quite a lot of interesting questions and I even had to leave earlier, as I had my next presentation just after this one.  

The slides are available on slideshare. We are currently writing a series of articles which will dive deeper into the subjects of error handling and error prevention and show how the SOA Suite 11g platform can help. 

Five Cool use cases for the Spring component of Oracle SOA Suite (CON6210)

My last presentation at Open World 2012 was about the Spring component of the Oracle SOA Suite.

The Spring component makes it possible to embed Java code as a Service Component Architecture (SCA) first-class citizen through the Spring component implementation type. Thereby the coarse-grained components of Oracle SOA Suite (such as BPEL, Mediator) can be extended by much-finer-grained Spring beans wrapped inside the Spring component. The goal of the session was to show how and why you want to use the Spring component and to hopefully inspire attendees to use it for their own projects.

There is of course a question what “cool” means. Cool and practice-related doesn’t always match and of course I wanted to also show some use cases which are actually useful at daily work. 

It took me quite some time to put the use cases together and to make them working. Especially because I have not previously worked with some libraries/frameworks i have used. At the end I presented the following use cases:

  • Advanced Configuration through JMX
  • Dynamic Routing in SOA Suite (i.e. publish/subscribe)
  • Integration of MongoDB NoSQL database
  • Integration of Twitter to send update messages
  • Integration of Twitter to receive mentioned messages

As you can see on slide 40, I had some other ideas, but just not enough time to do them as well. Maybe I will do it for a session on another conference. 

The slides are available on slideshare. I have also planed to write some further blog articles, one for each use case I have presented and to show step by step how the use case can be implemented.


It was a lot of work to prepare the session, but enjoyed it! 

Will be speaking at ….

The next couple of months will be interesting with lots of exiting events.

Here a list of events I will attend together with the sessions I will give:

  • Oracle Open World – San Francisco (USA)
    • Using a State Engine as an SCA component in SOA Suite 11g – 23rd September
  • SOA and Cloud Symposium – Berlin (Germany)
    • Best Practices for Testing SOA Based Systems – 5th October
    • Using Domain Specific Language(s) to simplify creating SOA artifacts -  5th October
  • DOAG SIG SOA, Köln, Germany
    • Service-Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint – 20th October
  • DOAG Conference 2010 – Nürnberg (Germany)
    • Normalisierung von CDC Events mit Complex Event Processing (CEP) – 16th November
    • State Engine als SCA Komponente in Oracle SOA Suite 11g – 17th November

Some interesting topics to talk about! Preparing the different topics will definitely keep me busy for the next few weeks.

Would be nice to meet at one of these events!


ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 – Abstract Accepted

Good news for me today! I received an email telling that my abstract on Testing SOA Suite 11g Systems has been accepted. I’m honoured and looking forward to present at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 conference.

Here is the abstract I submitted:

Best Practices for testing SOA Suite 11g based systems
The purpose of testing in general is to assess applications quality. Many approaches existing for traditional software systems can be adapted or even reused for service-oriented systems. Service-oriented testing has many similarities with component-based testing.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g offers out of the box support for testing BPEL and Mediator services. But is this enough? How can we test services which are dependent on external services not available at testing time? Is there an efficient way to mock these services? This session we will present solutions and best practices for testing service-oriented systems based on SOA Suite 11g platform and demonstrate how testing can be improved by adding some 3rd party products to Oracle SOA Suite, like soapUI.

See you in Washington D.C. next year!


My two DOAG presentations now available in English

I got asked for a translated version of the DOAG presentations (which are in german) announced here couple of days ago. Today I finished the translation and uploaded both of them to my slideshare profile:

I will upload some more presentations to slideshare in the future.

Will be speaking at DOAG this week

This week I will be speaking at the DOAG conference in Nürnberg, Germany. I will be doing 2 sessions

  1. Best Practices for Testing SOA-based Systems
  2. Oracle SOA Suite 11g Mediator vs. Oracle Service Bus (OSB)

I’m looking forward for this event.

Some of my colleagues at Trivadis are also  at the DOAG. A complete list can be downloaded from here.