SOA & BPM Integration Days February 23rd and 24th in Düsseldorf (Germany)

In February I will join some of the leading SOA experts in the German area and present on the 1st SOA & BPM Integration Days in Düsseldorf!


I’m sure it will 2 interesting days for both the participants and the speakers with a very exiting agenda on both of the two days!

The event is for software architects, IT- and Project leaders, who want to get 1st class information for their critical projects without any marketing filter. Additionally the event provides an excellent chance to intensively discuss individual questions and challenges with leading experts.

On the 1st day I will present the following sessions:

    On the 2nd day I will help to carry out the following 3 hour workshop:
    You should definitely not miss this event! Use the code “integration112” when you register for the event to get 20% off the regular price!
    See you there!

WebLogic Server, JDev, SOA, BPM, OSB and CEP (PS3) available!

Today 11R1 Patchset 3 of WebLogic Server, JDeveloper and ADF, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) has been released!

The following links provide information about new features and bug fixes for the different products/components:

Here is my list of top new features:

  1. With Patchset 3 Oracle supports the IBM WebSphere platform!
    • Both Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA Suite can run on the IBM application server!
    • Will be interesting to see the impact of that!
  2. BPEL 2.0 is now supported in JDeveloper
    • The BPEL editor in JDeveloper now generates BPEL 2.0 code and introduces several new activities.
  3. BPEL got a new Assign activity dialog
    • New Assign Activity supports the same drag & drop paradigm used for the XSLT mapper
    • this greatly streamlines the task of assigning multiple variables
  4. Single JVM developer install
    • Oracle SOA Suite can now be targeted to the WebLogic admin server
    • there is no requirement to also have a managed server
    • Minimizes the memory footprint for development environments!
    • Possible before by manually intervening the setup of the domain, but now supported through a template.
  5. You can start downloading the software from the Oracle SOA Suite Download tab:

Expand “Prerequisites & Recommended Install Process” and you will see the links for the download of the single products.

Be prepared to download several GB of software, so you better be connected to a fast network!

Cannot access EM console after installing SOA Suite 11g PS2

After a new install of Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS2, the server starts up without any errors in logs. However after start up, I was unable to access the enterprise manager console at http://localhost:7001/em due to 404. Interestingly, I was able to access the WebLogic administration console without any issue.

I have installed SOA Suite 11g before on my local machine and have never had any issue like this before. So what could be the problem?

The answer is pretty easy and can also be found here: I just thought about documenting on my blog as well….

For the EM to be present in the domain, you have to create your domain with Enterprise Manager template selected. I have forgotten that in my installation. To check if you have EM available:

  1. Login to your WLS Admin Console
  2. navigate to Deployments.
  3. Check for an application named ’em’. If it is not there, then this is the issue!

If you don’t have EM available, then you can easily extend your domain by following these steps:

  1. Stop your servers in the domain
  2. Invoke the configuration wizard ($ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/config.cmd or
  3. Choose Extend Domain option. Select your domain
  4. Select Enterprise Manager template


  5. Complete the wizard
  6. Start your server

Now you will be able to access EM, using a URL like http://localhost:7001/em.